• METEK Project Closing Conference held with the attendance of Mr. Nabi Avcı, Minister of National Education

  • “Teacher Training on Vocational Counselling and Career Guidance” Held in Van

  • Students of Vocational High Schools Described the School of Their Dreams…

  • METEK Project Curriculum Development Workshop Held in Mardin

  • National Quality Development System-Evaluation of Pilot Implementation Workshops Held in Ankara

  • The closing conference of “Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training in Turkey” Project which has been ongoing since 21 May 2012 has been realized in Ankara in 09.12.2014.Read More
  • Teacher Training on Vocational Counselling and Career Guidance was held on 12 - 16 May 2014 in Van. Read More
  • The Exhibition of “My Perfect School” Competition initiated under METEK Project by General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education Held at Başkent Teacher’s House on 12 May 2014Read More
  • The workshop was held at Mardin Artuklu Anatolian High School on 07 – 09 May 2014 under the Project’s Training Component. Totally 16 teachers from relevant vocational and technical education schools attended the workshop organized within the scope of curriculum development work.Read More
  • Ministry of National Education, Council of Higher Education, İŞKUR, Vocational Qualifications Authority, as well as representatives from social partners such as TOBB, TİSK, TESK, TÜRK-İŞ, HAK-İŞ, branch managers of provincial directorates of national education and school staff responsible for quality attended the workshops held in Ankara on 24 - 25 April and 05 - 07 May 2014.Read More



    The results of My Perfect School Competition initiated under METEK Project have been announced. You can reach the results through this link“My Perfect School” Competition Finalized


    4th issue of METEK periodical bulletin can be downloaded from here METEK Periodical Bulletin